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Gender : Female
Age : 19
Live in : United Kingdom
HiI m Kiara and I m 19 years old. I am from the UK and live in London, and I currently attend university. I ll be happy to help anyone who is learning English or those who want to learn more about the...
Gender : Female
Age : 19
Live in : Turkey
I want to know different cultures. I want to develop foreign language. I want to make new friends who help my english speech. I also help you about Turkey or culture. so If we will be friend, I want t...
Gender : Female
Age : 25
Live in : Sri Lanka
안녕하세요 만나서 반갑습니다. 제 이름은 피유미입니다 Piyumi .나는 지금 25 살이다 1194 .나는 간호사가되기 위해 대학에서 공부합니다. 나는 한국인 친구를 원한다. 우리는 좋은 친구가...
Gender : Male
Age : 30
Live in : Korea
안녕하세요. 한국에 살고있습니다. 반가워요여행을 좋아하는데 공부는 안좋아해서 여러분과의 대화로 자연스럽게 언어를 배우고싶어서 등록했어요잘부탁드립니다. P. s. 10월에 블라디보...
Gender : Female
Age : 38
Live in : Turkey
Hi, I am living in Turkey. I am a teacher. I am a member of this site to improve my English and make new friends. I want to know different cultures. I hope I can make new friends her...
Gender : Male
Age : 18
Live in : Japan
Hi, I m Kenta and a high schooler from Japan. My hobbies and Interests are cats, books, space, music especially classical music and European folk songs ,museums, libraries, ancient ruins, mythologies...
Gender : Male
Age : 48
Live in : Thailand
It would be nice to exchange chat with each other aimed at building our friendship and I really hope it’s going to bring a peaceful and wonderful thought to us as we get to know ourselve...
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